Client Testimony at Solution of Hope Banquet – October 2015

Hello. My Name is Allison and I am a client at Mom’s House. I am a proud mother of two beautiful boys, Carson, who is 8 and Levi, who is 3.
Levi is a Penguin in Mrs. Debbie’s room. I am a full time student at SUNY Broome and I am in the STEM program with dreams of becoming a research scientist someday. I find all of life fascinating especially the things we can’t see with the naked eye and this is why, next year, I will be furthering my education at Binghamton University to earn my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and/or Microbiology.

This was not always my dream…..

I think we each can remember, as children, imagining how our lives as adults will be.
There was the fact that you would never be told when to go to bed again. Now we would do anything for a full night sleep. We could drive a car by ourselves! We had no idea that gas would no longer be $1.30 and that it would cost a lot of money to fix if it happens to break. We would have our own house. It would, of course, be stocked with all of the Little Debbie’s, ice cream, candy and chips that our hearts desired and no one could tell us we couldn’t eat all of those things for dinner. Now we know that homes are expensive and that if we ate like this, we would potentially outgrow those homes.

Yes, life was going to be perfect!

I was going to be Barbie when I grew up because she was pretty and she had her hunky Ken. That dream house was pretty alluring as well. I’m not sure if you have noticed but the blonde hair-blue eyed genetic package was not delivered. Not to mention, those unrealistic body dimensions. THANK GOD! Along with this dream, I was going to be a lawyer or a veterinarian or basically anything that was going to make me rich. My husband, and I, of course. I certainly did not imagine that I would be a single mother of two little boys, living with my gracious father and going to college.
Life happens. REAL life happens.

It isn’t always easy.

It’s not as glamorous as that little girls dream.

I am doing it though and I am winning! Not only am I winning, I am stronger than that little girl ever imagined she could be. I am stronger, more confident, more resilient, more braver, more intelligent, more kind, more REAL than that little girl could have ever imagined! Again, THANK GOD, because Barbie’s world is looking a little less than adequate for this REAL woman to thrive in.

Which brings me to Mom’s House.…

This is a place where many students and children come to THRIVE.
Through Moms House, I have made lifelong friends, not only with the other mothers, but with the staff as well. I cannot imagine life without some of these people. We are like a big family. We are a family that accepts one another. We are a family that helps one another. We are a family that will not judge you because we know just how hard it can be and none of us is perfect. We are a family that is motivating and encouraging. We are a family that genuinely cares about each and every member and we all want each other to succeed. We are a community of strong parents becoming stronger through the love, support, and education that we are able to receive because of Mom’s House.

And that brings me to you… the community….

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. It most certainly does.
I cannot praise the Mom’s House staff and volunteers enough. With you as our children’s care givers, we never have to worry. We are certain that they are provided with love, patience, kindness, concern, and heart every day. We know that you genuinely care for our babies and that they each will be treated like the special little people they are. They learn, they have fun, and they love you too! I am honored to know you and to have you essentially parenting my child with me while I am at school.

To our community of families and the friends close enough to be our family….

We need you! Sometimes we need you too much. None the less, we are forever grateful to have you in our lives.
You all help us when times get tough. Be it financially, with babysitting, or even just an ear for us to rant into, you are there. Let me say that again, you are there.
You all know most of what we go through every day to keep our hectic lives moving forward. It is a struggle sometimes but you help us to keep going. I know I am personally amazed by my family’s patience and grace almost daily . No matter how many dishes I have in the sink or how many of the kids toys end up in the floor, my dad STILL lets us live there. Not only does he let us live there, he never says a word because he loves us and knows that I am doing my best as I try to balance being a full time mom and a full time student.
Most importantly, and this goes to all of the supporting families, thank you for allowing us to still be great mothers while we work to better our lives. Because of you, our lives are a little more stress free.

Last but certainly not least…..

Without the support and contributions from the community, Mom’s House would not exist. You are a true blessing to Mom’s House.
Since becoming a client at Mom’s House I have learned the true meaning of community. Never in my life have I seen such a flood of generosity. It is such an empowering feeling knowing that not only do I have my friends and families support, but I have an entire community of people rooting for me! I think it is so encouraging and it really gives more incentive to succeed. Your generosity is allowing us to someday provide for our families and you are giving us the chance to have purpose in life . I cannot tell you how many times I was awarded with a gift and it would literally make me sob because someone that I have never personally met before, cares for my little family. That, my friends, is love.

I was asked to speak about my life and how I came to be a client at Mom’s House. Instead, I just wanted to take this time to thank each and every one of you for every second, every dollar, and every ear. No matter how big or small your contribution in this life, you are there and that is what is important. You are a big part in helping each parent and child become someone great. For that, you are all invaluable. You are our solution of hope! Thank you!