It was during the second semester of nursing school that I could see my support system fading in
regards to the arrangement I had set up for childcare. It was around then that I had been told by a
fellow student about Mom’s House. She couldn’t say enough good things about the organization.
I didn’t have many details other than that they were the best and that their services were
available for moms pursuing their education. I reached out to Judy and set up an appointment to
visit the site. When I learned more about the services provided it all seemed too good to be true.
What they do for people like me and for others in the community is truly amazing.
I have to admit I was very anxious about putting my girls into a daycare, especially my baby I
was expecting that would only be 6 weeks old when she would begin. I remember telling Judy
that I wasn’t sure I would be able to put my baby into the program. She was very kind and
reassuring with me. I went on to fill out the paperwork even though I was still unsure if I could
follow through. It is so difficult to think of leaving your children in the care of others and I was
torn between the emotions associated with that and pursuing an education that would benefit my
family in the long run.

I was 39 weeks pregnant when I officially lost the childcare I had had for my children. In order
to return to and complete my second year of nursing school I was going to have to follow
through with Mom’s House and it was honestly the best possible thing that could have happened
for me and for my girls though I did not know it at the time.

I can remember my girls’ first day exactly. I was so scared and anxious I couldn’t sleep the night
before. I got up so early because I wanted to get to Mom’s House early to make sure my girls
had time to get comfortable in the morning. They did amazing, way better than me. I fought back
the tears because I didn’t want my oldest girl to see me cry and get upset herself. When it was
time for me to leave the tears fell the moment I stepped out of the door. I cried the whole way to
school and in class. I was a mess! I remember calling Mom’s House many times that day to
check on the girls. I was reassured over and over again that they were doing great. They even
sent pictures! The first couple weeks were very difficult for me but everyday became easier and
easier. This is because I saw firsthand the quality of care they received.

It’s been a long and difficult road since that day through my last day of nursing school. The
nursing program is extremely difficult and demanding but because I had Mom’s House I was
successful. They have the most amazing crew there, the staff and volunteers are all so wonderful.
I could not have found better people to care for my girls. I never had to worry if they were ok
because they were in the best possible hands. They loved my girls and cared for them dearly.
They looked forward to spending time with them, caring for them, and teaching them. Their
faces would light up when we entered the room in the morning and every time they would
describe how their days went to me when I picked them up. My girls were receiving love,
socialization, play time, education, and well balanced, nutritional meals. I had nothing to worry
about and knowing this allowed me to focus on my education.

What’s more unbelievable is that Mom’s House provides even more than all this for their clients!
They truly promote your successful completion in your educational pursuits. Judy and the
teachers always worked with me and accommodated my ever-changing nursing and clinical
schedules. They provide and encouraged the use of the Cortese room for study time which I used
often to prepare and study for exams, to work on assignments, and complete projects.

The last day at Mom’s House was as emotionally difficult for me as the first but not because I
had to leave my girls there but because it meant we would be leaving there for the last time. It
was very emotional for me as I gathered their belongings. I was managing though as I had
packed up my oldest daughters supplies myself. It wasn’t until I went into the Lamb Room and
saw Mrs. Nancy’s face as she packed up my baby’s belongings. I could see in her face how hard
it was for her. It was even more apparent as she held my baby and said goodbye. I started to tear
up before I even stepped out the door and was very emotional for the rest of the day. Even now
as I write about it I can’t help but cry. There is nothing like Mom’s House, nothing and no one
compares. I’ve had to search for childcare for the future when I begin my career as a Registered
Nurse. It’s impossible to find anyone who comes close to Mom’s House. I had said to Judy
during my first visit that I wasn’t sure I could follow through with this and leave my girls there.
On my last day I said that I can’t imagine my girls anywhere else and how I wish they could stay

My girls miss them and I miss them so much already. My oldest daughter asks everyday if we
will be going and tells me how much she misses it there and how much she misses her teachers
and friends.

I am forever grateful to Mom’s House and I have so much love and appreciation for everyone
involved in this organization; the amazing teachers, volunteers, to all the staff. It is because of
them that I was able to pursue my education and complete my degree in nursing. It is because of
them that I was able to build a better life for me and my family. There will always be a place in
my heart for Mom’s House.

Anna ~ 2019 Mom’s House Graduate