After serving my country for 4 1/2 years in the United States Marine Corp., including 1 tour in Afghanistan and 2 in Iraq, I was faced with the most difficult task of all, being a supportive and active single father in my son’s life while still pursuing my academic goals. Mom’s House has been essential in this objective.

I first came to Mom’s House in the fall semester of 2008. At that time my son was not yet two. He is a shy boy and initially he had a difficult time communicating to other children in his class. But with the continuous help of his teacher Miss Lynne, my son Sean quickly fell into the groove and adapted to the class room atmosphere. Now when we are getting ready in the mornings, Sean will ask “where are we going, Miss Lynne’s house?” and I will answer with a “yes we are” and a large Sean smile quickly forms on his face. Once we arrive at Mom’s House, I am like old news as Sean quickly runs to his classroom to see what is new in the sensory table. Since we began at Mom’s House, Sean’s letter, number, and shape retention has greatly improved along with his knowledge of other subjects. In addition, his social skills have had a noticeable improvement. Now Sean is almost three and already asking when he gets to go back to “Miss Lynne’s house.” I have tried to inform him, with no response, that he will not be going back to Miss Lynne’s class but will be moving on to Miss Kelly’s class. But I have no concern over his transition to the next class, because I know that the loving and caring environment of Mom’s House is encompassed within the entire facility.

I take great comfort in Mom’s House knowing that my son is in a safe and educational environment while I am pursuing my academic goals. I received an Associate’s Degree from BCC this 2009 spring with a 4.0 in Business Administration, and I have been accepted to Binghamton University to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, with a future goal in obtaining my master’s and CPA certification. I strongly feel that my academic goals are within reach and that my son and I will both be prepared for the future, thanks in large part to the teachers and staff at Mom’s House for their support and kindness that they have shown my son and I.

To conclude I would just like to thank you all for making it possible for my son and I to learn and grow in such a warm and loving environment.