Dear Friends of Moms House,

Habari zenu (hello everyone), my name is Juliet, a Kenyan girl who worked so hard in college and fortunately got awarded a full scholarship to pursue a PhD in chemistry at Binghamton University. I was super excited and couldn’t wait to arrive at the “land of opportunities” and unlock my bright future. In the year 2018, I was blessed with a charming baby, Jayden.  Being a PhD candidate, the pressure, workload and responsibilities were overwhelming.  I knew I couldn’t even get a maternity leave to nurture and care for my son as I wished for.  Additionally, my family couldn’t help as they were all thousands and thousands of miles away.  At this point I knew I had to look for a way to raise my son as I continued with my education.  My friends recommended different daycare centers, but the price was impossible for me, two hundred and ten dollars for a single week.  One day as I was researching on the way forward God sent me an angel, Ms. Mary, a Broome county nurse practitioner who constantly checked on me to ensure the baby was doing fine.  She asked me, “what are your plans for going back to school”?  I didn’t have any.  She mentioned about Mom’s House, a day care center that offered free childcare to single parents enrolled in school.  I was surprised anything like that even existed, it was my dream come true.

I immediately called the office and Ms. Judy scheduled an appointment.  I remember I couldn’t wait to meet her.  I woke up so early, dressed my son and upon arriving, the calm environment was enough gesture of a perfect haven for my son.  As we were conversing about Mom’s House mission, she shared very powerful words which I hold dearly until today, that it isn’t all about money but the small gestures we show to others that make the world a better place.

Moms House to me is my second family.  Seeing how my son has grown and developed holistically is just fulfilling.   My son sometimes cries when being picked up in the evening because the fun is just too much.  Even more surprising is that he is always the first one to wake up just to go and meet his friends and his awesome teachers.  Everyone at Moms House is so welcoming, accommodative and supportive.  With their sacrifices, they enable parents to concentrate and focus better in school.  Did I mention that not only does Moms House help in raising our kids but also offer mentorship programs, guidance and counseling, and gifts which are awesome. I count myself tremendously lucky for being part of an amazing organization, Mom’s House.

I am sincerely grateful to you our sponsors for the support, may it be through donations, prayers or even volunteering as these makes it possible for Mom’s House to provide excellent services to the community.  Every donation and service are significant, and we are forever grateful.  You give us hope, strength and courage to strive on, brighten our days and future.  We promise to continue the good work you have shown to us and make other people’s life better in our own little way.


Juliet, Mom’s House Graduate 2020