Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it difficult to complete the 7 hours of fundraiser per semester requirement?

Answer: No we have several fundraisers throughout the year that our clients can participate in and many other ways clients can accomplish this goal. We work with clients to create a realistic plan and help them along the way.

2. What does it cost to be in Mom’s House program?

Answer: There is no monetary fee to parents. However in return for our services, clients agree to complete 2 hours of service time per week and 7 hours of fundraising per semester.

3. Can Mom’s House provide quality daycare without charging a fee?

Answer: Yes we are a New York State licensed childcare center. We comply with and meet all qualifications of a licensed daycare center and out teachers are all New York State certified. In addition many of our volunteers are retired professionals from the field of education, nursing, business etc. They provide a unique resource for the children in our care.

4. I am married but want to complete my education and cannot afford childcare. Do I qualify for Mom’s House services?

Answer: Unfortunately, to qualify for Mom’s House services, a parent must be single or legally separated from their spouse. This is because single parenting has additional challenges that married couples with children do not face.

5. I am separated from my spouse; do I still qualify for the Mom’s House program?

Answer: As long as you are legally separated and can provide documentation to that effect.

6. Is Mom’s House open during the summer and/or in the evenings?

Answer: Mom’s House is currently offering a part-time summer program. Our services are not available for those taking evening courses.

7. What are your hours of operation?

Answer: Mom’s House is open from 7:30am to 4:00pm. Children must be dropped off no earlier than 7:30am and picked up no later than 4:00pm Monday through Friday.  Summer hours may vary.

8. Do you provide childcare while parents are working?

Answer: No, Mom’s House will only provide childcare while a parent is at school, studying at our facility, or completing service time.

9. What is “service time?”

Answer: In exchange for free childcare, parents are required to do 2 hours per week of service time at Mom’s House. This includes working in the classrooms, kitchen, outdoor area, office, etc. Parents usually find this work very rewarding and it gives them an opportunity to see how well their child is being cared for.

10. Do single-fathers qualify for the Mom’s House program?

Answer: Yes, all single parents who are low-income and enrolled in an educational program qualify for the Mom’s House program.

11. Do I qualify for Mom’s House services if I am enrolled at a trade school?
Answer: Yes, any low-income, single parent enrolled in high school, a community college, University, trade school, GED program, etc. is eligible for Mom’s House.

12. How is “low-income” eligibility determined; I live with my parents; do you use their income to determine my eligibility for the Mom’s House program?

Answer: Only the single parent’s income is considered when determining eligibility, regardless of your living situation.

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