Celebrating Life and Empowering Parents Through Education and Child Care.

Celebrating Life and Empowering Parents Through Education and Child Care

Our Mission

Inspired by a loving Creator, Mom’s House empowers economically disadvantaged single parents to complete their education by providing free licensed childcare in an environment that nurtures both parent and child.


On February 29, 1988, Mom’s House of Endicott, NY Inc. opened in Endicott, NY. There were eight children and six parents enrolled that first year with a staff of two paid employees and six volunteers. The number of parents and children enrolled grew and in May of 1989, the first seven graduates were honored. Over the years, Mom’s House has grown and in April of 2005, Mom’s House moved into a new facility in Johnson City. We are licensed to serve up to 42 children and their parents at this location.


Mom’s House is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to help economically disadvantaged single parents complete their education in order to become financially stable. It is our belief that investing in a single mother’s educational completion is an underutilized strategy for reducing poverty. This short-term investment will positively impact multiple generations. College graduates are more likely than those without college degrees to be employed; have access to employer sponsored benefits such as health insurance and retirement savings; have higher lifetime earnings; become tax payers instead of tax takers; patronize local businesses; etc. In addition, a mother’s postsecondary educational attainment increases the likelihood that their children will attend college themselves.

Education, including enrollment in high school, community college, university, trade school, GED program, etc. is a requirement single parents must meet in order to attend Mom’s House. By providing free, NYS licensed childcare while parents are attending classes, we eliminate a significant barrier that the single parents face when trying to improve their life circumstances. Mom’s House provides a safe, stable and nurturing environment giving single parent families the greatest opportunity to succeed and gain independence. In addition to childcare, for children ages 6 weeks up to 5 years, Mom’s House provides food and clothing donations, life skills workshops, tutoring, mentorship, coordination with and referrals to other local agencies and a mental health and wellness program which includes yoga, Pilates, counseling and life coaching.

We have seen positive results of our program through our graduates and their children. 278 single parents have graduated from their educational programs with the help of Mom’s House and several hundred others have been helped along the way in the various stages of their academic journey. These individuals are now working in professions such as nursing, education, engineering, computer science, dental hygiene, medical technology, etc. They are earning a living wage, paying taxes, have access to benefits, and are putting their money back into the communities in which they live. Many of them support Mom’s House in a variety of ways including attending events, volunteering and donating. We are also seeing that the children of our early graduates are go on to college. Through their parent’s example they have seen the role an education can play in financial freedom, and a new cycle has been set, instead of the cycle of poverty, one of financial independence has begun.