Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Inspired by a loving Creator, Mom’s House empowers economically disadvantaged single parents to complete their education by providing free licensed childcare in an environment that nurtures both parent and child.


We are one of three Mom’s Houses chartered nationally by our parent corporation, Mom’s House Inc. in Johnstown, PA. which was established in 1983 and offers free licensed childcare to single parents enrolled in school. The program at Mom’s House is geared to give parents the greatest possible opportunity to succeed. Parents are provided workshops in life skills, parenting techniques, nutrition, etc. Tutoring is provided if needed. Parents are encouraged to continue their education beyond high school to a level where they are fully employable, thus allowing them to be financially independent.

The first Mom’s House has proven to be an international model. Mom’s House received a Registered Service Mark from the United States Patent Office in order to protect the use of its name. Mom’s House was named 786th “Point of Light” by President George Bush for the willingness to server others.

On February 29, 1988, Mom’s House opened in Endicott, NY. There were eight children and six parents enrolled that first year. Staffing consisted of two paid employees and six volunteers. The number of parents and children grew and in May 1989, the first seven graduates were honored. In the fall of 1990 Mom’s House in Endicott reached its licensing capacity of 25 children and the waiting list grew to more than 50. Staffing increased to six full-time and five part-time employees and seventeen volunteers and a second Mom’s House location was opened in Binghamton in 1993.

Over the years, the program has grown tremendously. In July of 2002, the Board of Directors made the decision to consolidate both locations to a brand-new facility centrally located in Johnson City NY. Doors were opened in 2007. This facility is licensed to serve up to 42 children and their parents. Over 275 single parents have graduated from their educational programs with the support of Mom’s House of Endicott and countless others have been assisted in the various stages of academic accomplishment through our program. Alumni are now working in the professions such as nursing, education, engineering, marketing computer science, medical technology, etc. They have become taxpayers and are able to provide the income necessary to support their family with financial independence and dignity.

For over 35 years Mom’s House has been able to continue service to low-income, single parent families of our community.